Sports Betting Bonus Whoring

Cashing our 100$ and more without any risk? Thanks to this bonus whoring strategy and the many sports betting bonuses of different competing sportsbooks that's possible indeed!

This guide explains how to transfer a bonus balance from one sportsbook to another one in order to avoid the wagering requirements (rollover) of the sports betting bonus.


Sportsbook A offers a welcome bonus of 100% on the first deposit up to 100$ (e.g. Bet365). This bonus must be wagered at least 6 times (600$) before it can be cashed out. Fortunately, these bonus conditions can be avoided:

  1. Sign up at Sportsbook A (e.g. Bet365).
  2. Sign up at another Sportsbook B with high odds (e.g. Betfair or Pinnaclesports).
  3. Place a 2-way bet (two possible outcomes) at Sportsbook A (such as "Over 2.5 goals").
  4. Place a bet on the opposite output at Sportsbook B ("Under 2.5 goals").

So, now you've bet on "Over 2.5 goals" at Bookie A and on "Under 2.5 goals" at Bookie B and you will win one of those bets in any case.

Tip: The betting odds for both outcomes should be close to 2.0. It's even better to use so-called sure bets where the odds are higher than 2.0 on both sides. The Sure Bet Finder of detects current sure bets for you automatically.

5a. Let's suppose you bet 200$ on each outcome, which contains 100$ bonus money from Bookie A. That means you have placed a total of 300$ of your own money. If you lose the bet at Bookie A, you automatically win at Bookie B. Now you have a balance of about 400$ on the account of Bookie B since you have bet 200$ on an odd of about 2.0. This money can be cashed out immediately, as the wagering requirements for the bonus only apply at Bookie A where you now have no money left on the betting account. Remember: At Bookie B you were betting without bonus so the money is yours!

5b. However, if you win at Bookie A you have now 400$ on this account but you have already met 200$ of the wagering requirements of the bonus without any risk to lose money. Just repeat the steps from point 3. You can either bet 200$ again or the full balance of 400$, depending on the budget you have available to wager against this bet. If you bet 400$ and win at Bookie B now, you have transferred the whole balance to Bookie B where you can cash it all out (see 5a). If you win again at Bookie A, then you have already met the bonus conditions of Bookie A (wager 600$) and you can cash out everything anyway. If you have wagered only 200$ in the second bet you just need to repeat the whole procedure one last time and you’ll meet the wagering requirements without any risk!

In any case you’ve cleared 100$ bonus without risk and you can repeat this strategy with all the betting bonuses from our bonus comparison. If it's not getting too complicated you can even use this strategy with more than one bonus at the same time! That way you don't need that much budget in the beginning but fulfilling the bonus conditions of two or even more sportsbooks might take a bit longer.

Tip: At some sportsbooks you can even cash out a part of the money (the profits) before the bonus conditions are met completely. Ask the customer support of your sportsbooks in advance.

This system actually works and is absolutely legal!

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With Sure Bets (also called "arbitrage betting" or "sure bets"), you always win! By combining several sportsbooks odds surpluses can arise when you bet on contrasting outcomes. It's easy: You just place a bet on a certain outcome but with a different sportsbook you bet on the opposite outcome as well! Since both odds are unusual high above average you're going to win a guaranteed profit.

Thanks to the Sure Bet Detector of you no longer have to seek for surebets by yourself! On this page you'll always find brand new current Surebets. Our odds data is updated at least every 5 minutes automatically. For some sportsbook we're already offering direct betslip links to the certain bet and we are working hard on offering this service for more and more sportsbooks.

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Bonus Whoring

Did you know that there is a risk-free way to cash out a betting bonus? With our bonus whoring strategy, you can wager your sportsbet bonus safely until you're able to cash it out!

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