Earn Money with Sports Betting on the Internet

Many sports fans are betting on the Internet every day on the games of their favorite teams. But not all of them just gamble. Some earn secure money with sports betting on the Internet which is made possible by the high number of competing sportsbooks counterbidding each other in higher betting odds and bigger bonus offers all the time.

This gives rise to phenomena such as Sure Bets and "Bonus Whoring". Since the Bookies offer different high odds, you can have surpluses when you bet on contrasting endings of a game. Example: The betting odds for tennis player A is at Sportsbook A above average (2.1). At Sportsbook B on the other hand, the odds for tennis player B is particularly high (2.2). If you now bet on both of those those high odds for each player at the different sportsbooks you'll have a guaranteed winning! No matter which player wins - the odds on both game outputs have been so high that the winnings from the winning bet cover the losses of the losing one. In our example you could bet 100$ on Player A (Odds: 2.1) and 100$ on Player B (Odds: 2.2). If Players A wins, we get so 210$. If Player B wins we get 220$ back to our betting account. As you can see, we win in any case since we have only invested 200$. Of course you can customize the betting amounts based on your own budget and thus, of course, make much bigger winnings. Margins around 10% are not uncommon in Sure Bets. And which bank offers such a high daily interest?

Even more lucrative is this procedure with the simultaneous use of the many sports betting bonus offers. Money-back guarantees, free bets and high double up deposit bonuses are offered on the Internet. A 100% deposit bonus of up to 100$ is nothing unusual to attract new (and hopefully loyal) players. Of course, the bonus money has to be wagered a certain number of times before you can cash it out. Even in this case it's useful to use more than one sportsbook and follow the steps of our Bonus Whoring Strategy. As with Surebets, you just bet on both opposite outcomes of one certain game. If you lose the bet at Sportsbook A, who gave you the bonus the money is gone from your account. But don't worry - you've won at the Sportsbook B and the bonus conditions of Sportsbook A don't apply here. Since you've used bonus money to place the bets you have made a high safe winning. If you have won at Sportsbook A you can continue using this strategy to fulfill the bonus rollover requirement without risk.

Of course it's not easy to find Sure Bets yourself by hand. Luckily, there are websites these days that evaluate the odds of all sportsbooks and automatically detect sure bets. With our Sure Bet Finder you can always find current Sure Bets. In the bonus list all the latest bonus offers and conditions of the various sportsbooks are being published frequently.

"Wow, I have made 2.300, - in the last 2 weeks with this strategy!" wrote a user about the Bonus Whoring Strategy of SportsbetBonus.net. Especially in the first months with all the help of the many sign up bonuses the winnings can be huge. However, a little startup budget is required and once the bonuses are sacked the pure Surebet winnings are naturally smaller. But until then you can indeed generate enough capital in order to place high stake surebets and benefit from the great margins.

Enjoy safe betting!

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